Art is a method of critiquing the boundaries that society sets. Why do humans settle between constructs that we have previously created? An artist’s role is to push and question these walls, for the good and wrong that has been built.  

Humans are a natural element, coexisting with the surrounding land, despite the frequent desire to define nature and man as two separate entities. Nature influences us, just as we influence nature in the ever-evolving cycle which makes us one. The jump in human population combined with advancements in technology has exponentially increased our impact on the land. This immense imprint can now be visually seen and felt with climate change.

The contrast of technologies, such as 3D scanning and laser cutting, with my work's content of nature provides insight between humankind's creations and the planet. I directly alter and replicate natural objects through processes that only man is capable of, mimicking natural processes that may have taken millions of years. Through this practice, I am commenting on how this planet, which may be thought of as natural, is constantly becoming more and more altered with the activities of humankind.